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In 2013 at the New Zealand film festival after seeing Fantail for the first time, I thought only one thing. I must tell everyone to see this film.

Sophie Henderson who wrote and starred in the film did an absolute amazing job and she is defiantly someone to lookout for in the future. Did I mention you should see the film.

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Happy Socks

I once thought about how awesome it would be to design socks, looks like I was right! Happy Socks are exactly that, they are socks that make you happy with bright and playful patterns and quality to match. This Swedish sock label laughs in the faces of people who complain and say they hate getting socks for Christmas or their birthday, as with these it’s simply not possible.

Happy Socks Website

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Ben Frost

I can’t remember how I stumbled across Ben Frost's work. In 2000 he debuted his solo exhibition “Ben Frost is Dead” in which he faked his own death and advertised his exhibition as funeral notice in an Australian newspaper. Lets just say not all comments around this were good but it sure made headlines. Ben is also the owner of Stupidkrap an online print shop for street, graffiti and contemporary artists.

Ben Frost's Website

Stupidkrap Online Shop

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