The craft beer market in New Zealand is packed with variety. Everyone’s an aficionado. Moreover, they all like to show they know their stuff.  We thought: let’s get them to prove their beer geek knowledge in a carnival-style lucky dip.

Patrons dip their hand into the barrel to pull out a beer or purchase a 6 pack to share. Each beer has a unique number. Then on their mobile phone or desktop, they tell the mystic beer bot SheRa what style of beer they think it is: a lager, pilsner, pale ale, etc. Get it wrong and get hassled by beer bot SheRa, get it right and win vouchers to go to Hallertau Brewery, and craft beer kudos across social media.

Agency: J.Walter Thompson     Campaign: Ask Shera      Role: Project Manager / UX Designer

The Ask Shera chatbot was written in AIML and consisted of over 120,000 lines of code. Thanks to an extensive amount of conversation mapping and user testing Shera was able to address and potentially shut down topics outside of beer and help steer conversations with users to the correct answer. Responding to nuanced questions and guess's through the understanding of flavours, colours, and smells of each individual beer.


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