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The Rok

The Rok is a beautifully engineered hand press espresso maker that was voted one of GQ Magazine's Best Stuff of 2012. I recently purchased ones of these after getting quite excited by the manual process of creating coffee, from using the hand coffee grinder to frothing milk with a small version of what looks like a plunger. The coffee does seem to come out very rich and full of flavour. If you want to see it in action the creator has made some videos which are on the website.

Rok Website

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Pre warning: what I am about to tell you may in fact be pointless as Harry's is not available in New Zealand...unless you buy through Amazon or eBay. Anyway.Founded by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider, Harry's is a mens shaving brand with really clean, hight quality and nicely designed products that don't cost the earth. The Harry's website is well spaced, easy to navigate and is a good example of an E-Commerce site that is made to feel small and personal. The photography and language used really talks about the importance of the craftsmanship and story, making sure you know that everything is considered.

Harry's Website

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The speed of pen and paper for creating wireframes or scamps can not be over looked and GridBooks make the presentation just a little more slick. Each book features a specific grid layout, catering for banners, Web, eDM's and Mobile Apps.

Gridbooks Website

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Happy Socks

I once thought about how awesome it would be to design socks, looks like I was right! Happy Socks are exactly that, they are socks that make you happy with bright and playful patterns and quality to match. This Swedish sock label laughs in the faces of people who complain and say they hate getting socks for Christmas or their birthday, as with these it’s simply not possible.

Happy Socks Website

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