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C1 Espresso

I first went to C1 when it was located in High Street, in the central city of Christchurch some time in 2009. Since the 2010 earthquake much like most places that have reopened it has moved, now residing in which use to be the old central post building on Tuam Street. C1 is an exciting, fun and comfortable cafe with many bells and whistles to entertain while enjoying one of their trademark berry and chocolate chip muffins.

SPOILERS (Here are some of the amazing things that makes C1 unique)
Sawing machine tap, lego counter, hidden doors, arcade games, roof top garden and food by a 140kmh tube shoot.

C1 Espresso Facebook

C1 Espresso Website

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The Rok

The Rok is a beautifully engineered hand press espresso maker that was voted one of GQ Magazine's Best Stuff of 2012. I recently purchased ones of these after getting quite excited by the manual process of creating coffee, from using the hand coffee grinder to frothing milk with a small version of what looks like a plunger. The coffee does seem to come out very rich and full of flavour. If you want to see it in action the creator has made some videos which are on the website.

Rok Website

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